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Welcome to the site of Alpha Epsilon Omega Delta Chapter at California State University of Los Angeles (CSULA). Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, please direct them to the proper people on the contact page.

2008 AEΩ Sports Day CHAMPIONS

News & Events

» Champions of 2008 AEO Sports Day - August 2nd, 2008

» Check back soon for Winter 2009 Rush Information


Who are we?

Alpha Epsilon Omega, Delta Chapter was chartered on May 27th at CSULA as the first Armenian Fraternity on campus. At Alpha Epsilon Omega we will make your college experience one to remember. Brotherhood, academics, philanthropy, social life, fun and most importantly being Armenian are facets of being a member of Alpha Epsilon Omega. The brothers of Alpha Epsilon Omega encourage you to take the time to check out our site, so that you may better understand our fraternity.

Mission Statement

The Delta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Omega at Cal State University of Los Angeles provides cultural stimulation on campus and promotes interest in the Armenian language, history and culture. The Delta Chapter exhibits high standards of academic excellence and promotes charity on campus as well as the surrounding communities. To accomplish this, the Delta Chapter:

» will extend membership to all students of CSULA regardless of their program or degree that the students are seeking within the university.

» will provide all members the opportunity to develop leadership through service to the fraternity, college, community and nation.

» will provide members with the resources to develop a community awareness and belonging.

» will provide a sense of family for those within the fraternity, both within the local chapter and the National Fraternity

"True brotherhood is a strength like no other. True brotherhood keeps us true to our cause. It is a determination to unite ourselves under one creed of honor, ethics and discipline. True brotherhood in Alpha Epsilon Omega represents a solemn oath to hold true the Armenian dream and set forth to carry it out. These values are what make a true brother of Alpha Epsilon Omega."

Written by:
Antranik Satamian
September 19, 2000


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